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The courage is tangible. Grabs you by the throat. And doesn't let go.


JASON MRAZ – Grammy Winning Musician and Long-Time LRO Supporter


I've sponsored Life Rolls On a long, long time. And I'm telling you...promising one deserves your money more. This is hope and freedom for people who really need it – free of charge. And that's critically important. These athletes and their families face medical bills and ongoing care costs that you and I cannot begin to fathom.

So lending a hand is the right thing to do.

Don't leave...I'm not done with you yet.  I'm also asking you to give commensurate with your blessings. I've lived many circumstances – from not even two nickels to rub together, to, shall we say, a surplus of nickels. But no matter the number of nickels, I've kept a pretty simple view of life: if you are ABLE to give $100,000, then that's what you should do. If $100 tightens your grocery budget for the month, but you can swing it, then Life Rolls On will be profoundly humbled and grateful to be the recipient of that $100.

It's just you and me here. Give commensurate with your blessings. If you  

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If you've already participated in a Life Rolls On event, you KNOW that lives are transformed. And you know these events are free. Can you help us out by doing a peer-to-peer fundraiser? In a few clicks, you can create an online fundraiser and share it on Facebook, email, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It's so easy – and it makes such a difference. Thank you!


Now more than ever, customers align themselves with brands doing good in the world. When your company partners with Life Rolls On, you're changing the lives of countless people – and gaining the Happiness Advantage for your brand. 

Join our journey. Please email us for details!