Board Members and Advisors

Introduced by Jesse Billauer, Founder and Executive Director / CEO

Sam Billauer is the Mother of LRO

Sam Billauer, Board Member

In the chaos of running a 500 person event, Sam will sit quietly on the sand with a little dude daunted by the waves. She'll arrange transport for an athlete in need. And switch up the schedule board so friends can surf together. Sam is the Mother of LRO, and as every parent knows, that means she CARES 24/7 for everyone in the LRO family. (A Mom's job is never done!) Sam is also my beautiful wife, my soul's laugh, my heart's muse. I'm so lucky to have Sam as a partner on this wonderful journey. And the LRO family is lucky to have such a great Mom!

Sam is a Financial Advisor at Stifel Los Angeles (photo credits Cat Gregory)


Jonathan Drubner puts dreams on steroids

Jonathan Drubner, Board Member

Jonathan puts dreams on steroids. I like to think of myself as a big thinker, but every time I talk to Jonathan, I leave with exponentially bigger plans – and the conviction to see them through. Jonathan has made an indelible mark on the direction and reach of the Foundation. And what many of you don't know ... he writes every word of the Night By The Ocean Annual Fundraiser (you didn't think I just ad-libbed on that stage, did you?!!). I'm so grateful to call Jonathan my trusted advisor and friend.

Jonathan is a Wealth Advisor at Intersect Capital, LLC.


Danielle is the first to raise her hand. She helps the Foundation at every opportunity.

Danielle Mendez, Board Member

Danielle and I grew up in Pacific Palisades together – and she's never been able to get rid of me! Danielle not only helps the Foundation with fundraising, but is also the first to raise her hand to donate! Each time I have had a challenge, her response has been, "what do you need?" And she's always delivered. Danielle is a treasured, loyal friend.

Pictured here with my beautiful mother, Cecile, at our 2017 Poker and Casino Lounge Fundraiser (photo credit Lori Moilov)

Danielle runs many ventures in Southern California, including Danielle Mendez Events & Catering


Bob Hurley is my oracle.

Bob Hurley, Advisor

This man has believed in me since I was 12 years old. And after my surfing accident, he was the first to believe in Life Rolls On. Bob has been with us at every stage of this journey – supporting, cheering and of course, keeping us outfitted in the best apparel in the world! I am profoundly humbled to call Bob a friend and advisor of Life Rolls On. 

Bob is the founder of my favorite brand on earth – Hurley.


Rob Machado shares the stoke of surfing with everyone he meets.

Rob Machado, Advisor

This world legend shares the stoke of surfing with everyone. Rob was one of the original "band of brothers" who helped me back to the ocean after my accident; and he has been a constant source of positivity for Life Rolls On. He is a model to me of how to live and give to the fullest. 

Rob is a world champion surfer, activist and generous philanthropist.


Jason Mraz is love.

Jason Mraz, Advisor

Jason has propelled the Foundation forward since we met in the music scene of San Diego. He's a rare soul, this guy. He's hosted benefit concerts for Life Rolls On, sponsored our tours, and pushed adaptive athletes into waves more times than I can count. And in 2016, he hosted our annual fundraiser, Night By The Ocean. (If you were with us that night in Santa Monica, you know it was pure magic.) Eternal gratitude to a human being I'm so proud to call a friend.

Jason is a two-time Grammy Award winner, farmer, humanitarian and surfer.