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you're in for a transformational evening

hello from Jason Mraz!

I'm honored to host the Life Rolls On fundraiser this year. And I need you to help me out. Message your friends. Call your Mom. Drop carefully timed hints at the Brentwood Country Mart. I want to see these tickets and tables flying outta here like half price flip flops on the Venice Boardwalk. I'm serious. If we're not sold out, I'll bring my cats to take up seats. And 2016 will be forever known as THAT Night By The Ocean...the year Mraz brought his cats. (Please don't let it come to that...Jesse will stop taking my calls.)

The vibe is amazing. Here are a few photos I snapped at last year's fundraiser...


what is this fundraiser all about?

Night By The Ocean funds a whole season of quality of life programs for people with disabilities. I volunteer at these surf and skate events, and can attest to the joy and transformation they create. (Bring Kleenex...lots of happy tears are shed.) Let's come together to support these All Star kids! 


what's for dinner?

brazilian barbecue grilled on the beach

If you were at Night By The Ocean last year, you know that the food is EPIC – a feast grilled on the beach. No stuffy plated dinner here. (I'm usually searching for a KIND bar on the drive home from those events.) Nope. Not that kinda evening. There's enough Brazilian Barbecue to carry you into next week; or if you're vegan like me, I promise you a wanderlust of grilled veggies. Think of it as your own all-you-can-eat Cafe Gratitude. (I pity the procrastinators who try to buy tickets after the event is sold out. Poor bastards. Don't let that be you.)


who's playing the sunset concert?

the one, the only ... pepper!

What else do I have up my sleeve for you? A sunset concert by pepper ... a little reggae, a little rock and one big sound. I can't wait to hear these guys again. If you haven't yet seen them in concert and want a preview, check out pepperlive.com


joy in the breeze

I'll leave you on a serious note. Jesse Billauer has lived with the result of his surfing accident for 20 years now. It paralyzed his physical being, but not his spirit. Jesse is on a mission to make the world a better place. And Night By The Ocean raises the money that makes his mission possible. I've been attending this fundraiser for many years, and I've got to tell you ... there's transformation in the air, joy in the ocean breeze. It really is something special. Not just for the kids who are helped; but for the folks who do the helping.


I know where I'll be on September 24th. Can I count on you to join me? (Don't make me bring my cats!)


Jason Mraz



make sure you're in proper attire

Get your official LRO hat today so you're ready for September 24th!