frequently asked questions

Adaptive Athletes

What equipment should I bring?

If you own them, bring a full length wetsuit, neoprene life vest and surfboard. If you don't own these things, no problem! We'll supply them.

I don't swim and I've never surfed before. What limitations would prevent me from being able to participate?

Some of our LRO athletes who have attended for many years cannot swim. We will teach you how to float properly and how to hold your breath in a wave. For the most part, anyone can participate. Even those who have limited or no use of their arms can usually be accommodated. If you are unsure, just come to the beach and check it out. You will be inspired! (Please note: ventilator-dependent individuals may be difficult to accommodate.)

What if I fall off the surfboard?

You will be in the arms of a volunteer immediately, as you are surrounded by an experienced team at every moment. Also, your life jacket will support you. We'll cover this topic and more at the safety briefing on the beach prior to getting in the water. You have nothing to worry about except having the time of your life!

How do I get from the beach to the water?

You will be assisted at all times by a group of LRO volunteers. We use a beach wheelchair to get you from the parking lot to the water's edge; and then we get you onto the board and into the waves.

Is there a private place to change into my wetsuit?

Yes. We always choose event locales with private changing rooms and/or private restrooms.

I have special needs pertaining to how I am lifted. How do I communicate this to the volunteers?

Please speak up at the safety briefing on the beach.


What roles are needed?

We need volunteers on land and in water. Please see the Volunteer page for a detailed description of roles.

Do I need to register to volunteer?

Yes. Please register on the Events page. Registration opens approximately 45 days prior to the event.

Will I receive training to volunteer?

No. However, at the safety briefing, we will offer pointers to water volunteers.


Donors / Sponsors

My company would like to donate product. What do you need?

We welcome all donations. For the athletic events, we need surf equipment, fixtures, food and beverages. For our fundraisers, we need beer, wine, spirits and great items for our raffles and auctions. The raffle and auction items can range from a free gym pass to a Chanel handbag to LA Kings tickets to a luxury trip to Hawaii. It all helps raise money for the cause! Let us know if you can bring the product to us, or we can arrange to have it shipped or picked up. Reach out to Jesse at



I'm with the media. Do I need clearance to cover an LRO event?

Yes. Please contact us prior to the event to obtain event clearance: