Jason Mraz & Jesse Billauer Host Beachfront Benefit in Santa Monica CA


Grammy Award-winning performer Jason Mraz roused the crowds with a heart rendering performance as he hosted the 12th  Annual Night By The Ocean fundraiser at the Jonathan Beach Club in Santa Monica on Saturday September 24. Founder of Life Rolls On Jesse Billauer took the audience from laughter to tears and back to laughter. And together, Mraz and Billauer ended the evening with 400 people singing and dancing to "I'm Yours." Pure magic.

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Thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you to our sponsors. And a very special thank you to Jason Mraz and Jesse Billauer for an unforgettable evening.


Please enjoy this video of the 2016 Get On Board Tour. (Cover Photo Credit: John Jefferson)


Album #1, courtesy of our amazing guests


Album #2, courtesy of Images By Cat Gregory


Album #3, courtesy of Carlo Cruz Photography